Artist's Work



Seyed Mohammad Ehsaei,‎ born in 1939‎, Iran.


Official member of the ministry of culture and education, 1958-1978‎
Graphic & Calligraphy director at the Society of Young Red Lion and the Sun, 1962-‎‎1965‎
Calligrapher at the Paris and Ghardooneh Institutes, 1960-1965‎
Graphic designer, calligrapher, expert and author in arts and auditor of art books at the ‎educational books institute of Iran, 1964-1974‎
Lecturing in arts illustrations groups of the Fine Arts School at Tehran University, 1971‎
Official member of the tutorial staff at Tehran University, 1978 to present
Consultant to the director of studies and cultural research institute in printing and ‎publishing section, 1982-1983‎
Twice member of the high Council of Calligraphy Institute of Iran, and high council of ‎professorship assessment, 1985-1988‎
Member of the high council of the Cultural Revolution in the art section and took part in ‎the programming of graphics and arts syllabus, 1985-1986‎
Member of the founders’ committee of the society of painting artists, 1987‎
Member of the high council of Iran for illustration, 1988‎
Member of the committee of the trustees’ calligraphy society of Iran, 1996‎
Member of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society high council, 1998‎
One of the 3 members committee of the cultural heritage for the evaluation of ‎calligraphy and calligraphers, 2001-2003‎

Other Activities:

Design and execution of 450 square meters of relief pottery, “painting calligraphy”, order ‎of Tehran University for the Academy of Theology, 1975-1978‎
Calligraphy of 5 epigraphs for the Alghadir mosque of Tehran, 1980‎
Writing of the Quran by Reyhan – ten copies (still continuing), 1985‎
Calligraphy and pottery – relief epigraph of the entrance of the National Museum of Iran, ‎‎1985‎
Writing of 30 meters epigraph for the cultural relations section for the Ministry of ‎Education and Cultures, 1990‎
Design & execution of 230 square meters of relief pottery for the Iranian Embassy at Abu ‎Dhabi (Arab Emirates), 1988-1991‎
Writing of the Soureh of Youssef with Nastaligh letter form, 2003‎
Writing of “Hafez Poems” with Nastaligh letter form, 2003‎

Prizes & Encouragements:‎

In the student competition of calligraphy was chosen first, in Ramsar Camp, 1958‎
First chosen in the students’ competion of visual arts, 1968‎
First painter of the year, 1973‎
National Price of the French government in the international festival of Callais sur mer, ‎‎1974‎
Presentation of honorary prize from the jury’s committee for his artistic activities, 1991‎
Selected artist “defender of the Quran” writing and designing of numerous pages of the ‎Quran, 1999‎
Especial appreciation of jury for his calligraphy paintings and his new insight and access ‎to the true nature of calligraphy, 2000


1973 Paintings, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1974 Paintings, Iran American Society, Tehran, Iran
1975 Paintings, Lito Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1976 Paintings, Cyrus Gallery, Paris
1977 Paintings, Review of Works from 1347 to 1968, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran
1990 Paintings, Olo Gallery, Finland
1990 Paintings, Zand Gallery, UAE
2001 Paintings, Ziba Gallery, Vancouver
1966 Group exhibition: Paintings, Noboniad Hall- “25 years of art in Iran” at the Archeological Museum of Iran (Iran ‎Bastan), Tehran, Iran
1968 Group exhibition: Paintings, Hilton Hotel- presentation of the first painting calligraphy with oil , canvas
1973 Group exhibition: Paintings, Painters of Iran- exhibition at the Culture and Arts’ Ministry Museum and Iran Bastan, Iran Bastan
1974 Group exhibition: Paintings, First International Arts Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
1975 Group exhibition: Paintings, Guest at the group exhibition of the blue Group, Tehran, Iran
1975 Group exhibition: Paintings, International Festival-calais-sur mer, France
1976 Group exhibition: Paintings, Personal participation at the international exhibition, Bales Switzerland
1977 Group exhibition: Paintings, International exhibition of Bologna, Italy
1977 Group exhibition: Paintings, Iranian Artists in Shanghais, China
1978 Group exhibition: Paintings, International exhibition , Bales, Switzerland
1983 Group exhibition: Paintings, Iranian Artists exhibition at UNESCO, Paris

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