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Faramarz Pilaram (1937-1982), born in Tehran, Iran was a renowned Iranian painter and calligrapher. He has modernized Persian calligraphy art with many innovations in this field during his career. Also he was the co-founder of Saqakhaneh Painting School which hosted many well-known Persian artists like Parviz Tanavoli.

He received his high school diploma at the School of Visual Arts For Boys in Tehran. He earned an Master of Arts degree in interior Design, Decorative Painting and Art at the University of Tehran, and became Professor Faculty of Architecture at Elm-o-san-at University 1972-1980

Faramarz Pilaram was amongst the pioneers of the Saqqakhaneh school of the 1960s. Numerous works by the artist have been sold at auction, including ‘Untitled’ sold at Christie’s Dubai ‘International Modern & Contemporary Art’ in 2008 for $385,000. There have been Several articles about Faramarz Pilaram, including ‘A Dawn Interrupted’ written by Melik Kaylan for The Wall Street Journal in 2013.

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